Freelance Book Designer

Well hello there.


I believe it’s convention to apologise for blog silence explaining the life has just been over the top busy and the blog fell by the way side. And while, yes that did happen there have been occasions when I did have time to blog I found I had nothing to say. That’s not entirely true, I have a lot to say but I’ve started to feel I need to be even more selective of what I put on my blog, as Little A grows I am mindful of his public digital-footprint. Even though it was never my intention to make him the focus of my blog – no this is still all about me me me.

Life has been going on and at times I have wanted to come here and rant and rave about perceived slights, boo hoo work and general crud but it would have been self indulgent crap that would have done more harm than good.

Exciting things have happened and are going to happen.

I continue to put my heart and soul into my work. Running the up hill battle that is freelance design.

Little A is well and truly a preschooler and we are only now emerging from the fog that was the threenager stage where everything said or done or not done prompted earth shaking tantrums. As 4 rounds the corner in September our articulate, interested, interesting young man reemerges and it is sublime. Stories are told, questions are asked, hands are held, games are played, cuddles are had.

We got our first glimpse of spring on the weekend and were determined to revel in it. So we bundled into the car and headed to the National Park and hired a boat to row around Audley Weir. I took one for the team as I am definitely not a boat person and felt queasy within minutes of boarding the vessel – it didn’t help that I was told it was all in my head but my well-meaning fisherman SAH. Walking in his father’s footsteps Little A had taken a shine to a fancy fishing rod earlier in the morning so to placate him SAH crafted a homemade fishing rod for Little A to play with – with he did with gusto.

We rowed for an hour at vast expense while the boat house owners dreamt of returning home to their gold-plated beds. It was beautiful and a perfect way to spend a warm Spring-preview day.

Not willing to leave the area Little A insisted that we go for a bush walk and we wandered the park lands area while the kiddo ran around with sticks.






I recently purchased a new camera for work and have been experimenting while trying to master it. So far so good. It’s an Olympus EM-5 Mark II – which is the model up from the camera Olympus sponsored me to use last year. Sadly no sponsorship for the new camera as I forked out my own hard won cash – but it was worth it.