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happy birthday queenie baby…

So it’s the Queen’s birthday long weekend and finally after many years i get a long weekend on the same week as my birthday (the wednesday) – hooray! So I am feeling pretty special. I’m also very happy because i got to see Southern Culture on the Skids last night at the Gaelic Club, Surry Hills. It was SO GOOD! I Go-go danced and sang along all night.
Bob (boyfriend) was down the very front and helped distribute (read: chuck) the fried chicken during the famous ‘8 piece box’ song.
Mary (singer and bassist) was SO COOL. Boppin’ and grinnin’.. i think all the boys are in love with her now. It was a great night for people coming out of the woodwork as well. We saw people we hadn’t seen in ages plus got to hang out and chat to people we don’t usually get to talk to. It was such a social night.

On saturday I got an early birthday present from my sister, Ursula, she’s working weekends at a posh beauty salon in Paddington. And she shouted me a facial and manicure. I was so pampered! It was lovely. And it was a great grey, drissly day so before i went to my facial appointment i hung out at Sophie and Matt’s cafe, Cordial, in camperdown and had coffee and read my book. I LOVE doing that, it’s so cozy and familiar.

I am thinking of selling my trumpet – yes i play the trumpet, i toured japan in a jazz band in 1996 – to fund the purchase of an electric piano. I’ve played piano since i was 5, and i haven’t had one near me since i moved out of home. I am welcome to take the one at my parents – because it is mine – but i have no room, so electric souless thing it is. But i am determined to get something with weighted keys and a good sound that tries to resemble a real piano. And who knows maybe it’ll have an organ feature, so i can join an all girl 60’s garage band like Bob has always wanted me too!