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happy birthday to me

I am such a fatty-boom-ba-latty.
At work Steve brought in a box of assorted Krispy Kremes (only available in 3 remote places in Sydney so still a big thing here) and Simon brought in a big chocolate and cream sponge cake for me! Such lovely people i work with. Then we all sat outside and ate them with our morning tea/coffee. sooo good. I was buzzing for the next 1 hour and then had the worst sugar headache for the rest of the day.. whoops..
Lunch with Steve and Simon at the Royal (local pub) and dinner with my parents, Ursula and Bob.
I got 2 spotted Diana mixing bowls ( spotted diana example ) a rose bush and chocolates (told you i’m a fatty .. well i will be if i eat all this sugar) and Mr iPod photo is in the mail and i should get that hopefully by the end of the week.

I am updating Nest this weekend with the Design for Habitat submissions.. they’re all so good i can’t believe how wonderful they are. God there are some talented people out there.

Also going to the Cruzin’ Magazine Nostalgia Drags at eastern creek on sunday. Yeap i still like the old cars…