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rain rain go away…

Actually I don’t mind the rain so much, it’s more the fact that Bob still has my car and i’m still catching the train to work – boo-hoo.
I got my iPod back today YAYAYAY! It wasn’t my old one either (pfft yeah old – 1 day old :p) it was a brand new one because my original iPod’s hard drive was dead, thanks for that Apple.
So now i’m full of love for my 30gig iPod photo.

I got bored on sunday night and cut my fringe 😮 hehe
Then i cut it again last night! It looks okay though, a little raggy but i curl the edges over and you can’t hardly tell. It’s a 50’s fringe, one the goes up at the edges.
Similar to Ms Page’s fringe..

I’ve had one before, they’re a pain in the arse… I kinda forgot that. 😉 Thank god for hair straighteners. I left it a little long incase i convince someone to help me fix it up and they need to take a bit more length off.

Oh yeah, and I’ll answer these tonight:
Total volume of music files on my computer
The last CD I bought
Song playing right now
Five songs I listen to a lot/mean a lot to me