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screw you ipod!

After waiting a week more that i should have for my bundle of iPod goodness, i plug it in over night to charge and discover in the morning that i had the hold button on and this stops it from performing all functions including charging. So – BZZzz! wrong #1. Next i had installed all iPod software the night before on my cute little Cube, but this morning when i plugged in my iPod for the very first time Cube didn’t recognise it and wanted to reformat it – BZZzz! wrong #2. So i took the thing to work and left it charging all day. And i have just tried to turn it on to play with it and it comes up with a fold and exclaimation point display – BZZzz! wrong #3. Apple says this means it needs rebooting, done that still doesn’t work.

WHY! why oh why? All i wanted to do was bop around with my nifty Ipod and rock music!! Now i have to go hoome a fuck with it. the take it to the Apple centre tomorrow and cry 😉