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The great garden cufuffle

Bob has my car this week, as the truck is still off the road (after he completely re-wired the whole thing himself, the engine now needs to be tuned to deal with the full amount of electricity it is now recieving after being deprived for so long) so i am being a super commuter and catching the train to and from work.
I came home on tuesday evening to find the front lawn mowed, all the edges perfect and not a weed in sight! Ii freaked out! I ran to the backyard and found a similar scene!
Now we’re not bad gardeners but we usually don’t have a lot of time to spend edging and weeding and breaking our backs to make the surrounding property perfect. But we do mow and wipper snipper.
But this was such a shock because it was imaculate! And also a shock because we had heard nothing from our real estate or property owners about anything about a gardener coming over.
After frantic thoughts about the house being readied to be sold etc… i found the property managers mobile number and got Bob to call her. She didn’t know anything about a mystery gardener either.
One sleepless night later and we find out from the owner that they did in fact hire a gardener to come around once every six weeks to do our yard. HOORAY! i say.
Now i don’t even have to think about mowing the dog poo in our backyard or making sure the buffalo grass hasn’t creeped over our letter box again. Now all the gardening i have to worry about is my Mexican succulent garden on the patio, thank god i don’t need to water them very often šŸ˜‰

On another note, Bob came home last night with a 50’s saucer chair he picked up from the side of the road – bless – it’s a little ragged so i dont think it’ll take much sitting weight but it could be a great project (yeah right just like my 50’s butterfly chairs that still need covers [but they’re painted and no longer rusty!]) or i could just put them on the patio to increase my outdoor 50’s-ness…

I have so much to write about… but now i’m going back to work..
ta ta!