Freelance Book Designer

got that buggin' feeling…

I am so sick.
I got the snotty-nose blues. Damn i hate the flu.

At the moment 1 in 10 sneeze’s actually eventuate. The others come, prickle up my nose, make my eyes water then fade giving me no release!

It started on friday morning and really hit me on saturday and sunday – hooray weekend waster! I also had to work on sunday so I was stuffed up and laboring over the titanic that is the activity book project, which is commanding most of my time and attention at work. It goes to print this friday – eep!

Not to worry.

Bob and I went for a drive on saturday and found ourselves at the newly opened (first day!) Sydney Outre Gallery in Surry Hills. There goes all my pay! I almost spent all my market money on a beautiful Niagara print.
This one:

Sooo nice.

Then we walked up to Crown St, and visited all our friends – Luke in Route66, the lovely Miss Lucie in Zoo and Emma, Zoe and Miles at Inner Vision. Bob also booked in with Zoe to get more ink done in the next couple of weeks, He’s going to get stuff added between the pirate ships on his leg.

On the way home we stopped at two collectable/Junk shops that opened a few months ago that we keep saying we have to go in there! – so we did. I got a yellow black lady lamp shade for 5 bucks at one shop (would have liked the lamp to go with it ;p) and the other shop had a black and white spotted Diana vase, that i already have 2 of, but it was a good price and the shop looks promising for more spotted Diana in the future 🙂