ham in a can…

Some asshole is using nest collective email aliases to send viruses. (for those who don’t know Nest Collective is my side project – it’s an online design community for female designers.) And now I’m a sad clown. I don’t know how to stop them, and they can’t be coming from my machine because I’m on a mac and mac’s don’t get viruses. Or 99.999999% of viruses are written for PC’s. And my PC isn’t hooked up to the interweb.
So there.
Shit. Asshole.

I just watched the last episode of the Amazing Race. DAMMIT! Rob and Amber didn’t win. I hated them on Survivor but they were the best thing about the Amazing Race. I always pissed myself laughing at their scheming.

Thorn had a play date with Logan (my sisters dog). I took him over to Mum and Dad’s in the morning and when i picked him up in the evening he was SO tired. He’s been sleeping ever since he got home, he didn’t even eat his dinner – was probably all those bones and raspberry jam sandwiches Dad gave him during the day!

Speaking of Thorn. I thought i would post a couple of the other photos from the shoot I did with Petrina . I posted one of the photos on vintagecolor – me in my kitchen these ones are outside my house…

This is me and Thorn! Sitting on the nature strip outside my house.
Thorn is a dalmation X cattle dog, and he’s getting old (11!) but he still thinks he’s a puppy and jumps about the place. Hooray!

This is me standing on the road outside my house, one side of the street is parkland, we had the cameras, lights, reflector thingy, all set up on the road, thank god i live on a deadend street and there weren’t many cars!

  • That is a great picture of you and Thorn! He looks like he’s thinking about chasing a bird or something. You look absolutely wonderful. My favorite is still you in your kitchen…I just love your kitchen and it gives that whole vintage feel to your picture!

  • really nice photos…….does she do weddings? hehehe

  • Anonymous

    i think people just have nothing better to do and are JEALOUS!
    its like that guy who emailed me the other week and kept emailing me to argue his stupid, non-informed point.
    they are cowards when they leave their nameless comments and can never back themselves up with their own work, or website or anything.
    usually these people have no life other than the internet, they probably WISH they could be you. ofcourse they never could be so they write these nasty things.
    poo to them