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i met her at computer camp…her name is judy…

Is that song taken from a conversation in Revenge of the Nerds? (song = Datarock – Computer Camp Love) i think it’s funny and have a giggle everytime i hear it.

I have had such a busy month. And everything is suffering from it.
Nest is in need of a major update of info, plus i’ve been planning to start photoshop volleys on the forum for ages, i just have to make time to post and get it going.
We have a “Nest pack” give away at the moment, which is pretty fun. Bec is getting the mail (you have to send a stamped self addressed envelope to Bec’s PO Box in Melbourne then we send you a pack) and apparently people have been sending us little presents as well! Like little hand made books and Zines! I can’t wait for Bec to send them up to me so i can see them 😀 Some people are SO creative.

I sold my trumpet last week. I had been thinking about it for years, i haven’t played since 1997. And it’s an amazing Trumpet (Stratovarius Bach) and through many conections (My parent’s next door neighbour is the Timpanist from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra [SSO]) I sold it to a student of one of the Trumpeters of the SSO – HOORAY!

So on Sunday i went piano shopping with my trumpet money. I have played piano since i was 3 and my old up-right piano won’t fit in my house, so i have been without for about 3 years *CRY* so the only thing that would fit in my house is a digital piano – kinda yuck – so i had to find a good one. And i found one! Bought it, picked it up in the afternoon. The box was fucking huge! And almost didn’t fit in my car, i had to put all the seats down at the back and set the passanger seat so far forward, that if the air bag had gone off it would have probably killed Bob – whoops!

Anyway, we got it home and put the monster together and it’s SO big! I didn’t really think about where i would put it. I guess eventually it’ll go in the spare room once we organise that sucker.

But for now it’s in the bedroom. Which i thought was very strange and didn’t like at all for a few days, as it made everything SO cluttered and my beautiful shoe and handbag arrangment had to be pulled out to fit the piano into that corner. *sigh* But it’s all good now, i think i will use the piano as an excuse to buy a new black lady lamp as it’s simply screaming for something cool to decorate it 😉 – at the moment i have a black and white spotted Diana vase, a 50’s pink and black ribbon lamp and wooden black and white dice… it’s a black theme you see..

Will post a photo of it here this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, i’m hosting a meeting of the Bridge Club (cards) on Saturday. It’s very funny, last meeting (also at my house) we spent the afternoon gossiping and eating and only thought to play cards at the very end. I might take photos of that too.. because it’s nice to have a kitchen full of girls dressed to match in their rockabilly/50’s gear.

Next sunday is the 50’s Fair at Rose Sielder House. I can’t wait.
I have a fist full of cash and plan to get there early for the first time ever. I want something good!! 😀

ALSO i got my fringe trimmed last night, and we’ll leave that rant for another day.. let’s just say i have my cranky face on today.