Innocent fanasty novels

I just found out that one of the authors I have designed covers for has a live journal. karenmiller wrote The Innocent Mage (published through Harper Collins/Voyager)

Which i designed the type, and layout for (Shane Parker, very nice lad, did the illustration) and now i am doing the same thing for her second novel Innocence Lost.
Apparently Innocent Mage debuted in the top 10 sci-fi/fantasy bestseller list in it’s first week of release!

I’ve never met her, i work through the publisher. She seems happy enough with the covers in her journal though 😉

  • Ah ha!!!! The mystery is solved!

    So now I can say, in public, THANK YOU for the wonderful, gorgeous and fantastic design job on my books. They look splendid, they truly do. I am so grateful. I hope we get to work together again.

  • No worries 🙂 Was a fun cover to work on.