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hooray for friday! hooray for less than one week till I go on holidays for 2 weeks!

APA (Australian Publishers Association) has announced the call for entries for their Book Design Awards 2005. And I have be hasseling all my publishers to enter the books I’ve worked on for them this year. I am determined to win something next year – we haven’t entered for a while and I think now as my company’s Publishing Co-ordinator that it’s about time we did. So if my publishers don’t enter all the books I want them too, my company will instead!

But most exciting of all is th YOUNG DESIGNER OF THE YEAR award. Which I want to win πŸ˜‰ Because I can. So I launched a campaign, which I am sending to my publishers PLUS the judges of the awards YAY! It includes a poster (below) and button badges saying “Vote #1 Astred”

The really unfortunate thing is some of the BEST books I have done so far (probably in my whole career) won’t be published until next year, and the cut off date is Decemeber 2005 πŸ™ Oh well…