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good night sweet prince

Well it’s official. We need to leave our house by 17 April. We’re hiring removalists – YAY! and starting to pack now – BOO!

On a lighter note I went to a Valentines Day Ball on friday night, put on by one of the publishers I work for. It was a blast! Yummy food, great company, and I looked hot. What more could you ask for?
See picies behind the cut.

So I was preparing for this night for ages, I borrowed the dress from my friend, Pia, who dresses everyday in 50’s clothes, so she has over 200 dresses. I really wanted a cocktail dress with a BIG skirt. And thats what I got!

This is me outside our house. Ready to roll…

Me and Bob at the Ball – it was in the rocks and behind us you can see the Opera House

I am a Lady!.. and I do Lady things….

Saturday night we went to Grotta Capri, in Kensington. It’s a restaurant where they have stuccoed their walls, forming caves and stalactites, embedding shells every where to make it look like it’s underwater, there are fish tanks and water falls… it sounds way more glamorous than it actually is. It was dark and dank, not in a good way, and the chairs reminded me of nasty old 1980’s Greek house chairs that you find on council-chuck-out heaps. The group I went with was great, a lot of fun was had but I have to say for meals that are priced similarly to two hat restaurants it was a huge disappointment.

Then I was guilt-triped into going to the Town Hall hotel in Newtown – whoo hoo. Then Bob and I ran away hehe!

We had a BIG Yum-cha lunch for my fathers birthday today and I am stuffed! We went back to mum and dad’s and had birthday cake and I ate so much! I fell asleep on the couch – yay! Just like christmas.

Now it is off to bed, with just this to think about. I live an interesting life – i feel – so why can I not transpose it to my journal? Why do I continually fall on repeated phrases and disjointed commentary? I think I’m just lazy and instead of weaving an interesting intelligent story I merely take the easy and some what boring way out. Updating infrequently with nothing that would make you really want to keep reading is a reflection of my loss of interest in most things interwebby. I need a hot inspiration injection.