I like this house

WIDE frontage. And if i ever get rich i could tear it down and build a ranch house ^_^

  • nice!!
    where is it?? how much? hehe
    are you having fun house hunting?

    i love all those old red-brick houses

  • it’s in Roselands, around 480,000.
    Not really lookin in earnest. may start in a couple of months. it’s very scary!! 0_0

    roselands is full of 50’s red-brick! YAY!

  • hey thats not bad for sydney! especially for a brick house on its own block of land!

    i dont think ive ever driven though roselands. we drove properly through earlwood the other week though – that a nice suburb! so many nice houses

  • Hey totally off topic………Is that your user pic??? I really like your hair. How do you do it?? Does it take forever. Ive sort of attempted the style myself, but I think I need to grow it a little more.

  • Yup thats me.
    I use a hair dryer and hot rollers to do my hair. And it depends on what you call forever. I spend a lot time on my hair, but since I’ve been doing it for so long it doesn’t take as much time anymore – if that makes sense.
    Hot Rollers are heaven sent, section your hair, put HOT HOT rollers in leave till they’re cool and just play with what you get till it looks good ^_^

  • thanks will definately try it. i added you 😉 Any particular size rollers???

  • Cheers ^_^
    I have two sets of Carmen Rollers (original 60’s) with 6 rollers in one and 11 in the other. Their size gradiates and I find that the medium sized rollers are best for front, quiff and barrel curls whilst the larger ones are best for the back of your hair and the smaller for tighter intricate fringe fixings.