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I have been putting off updating because I need photos to go with my stories and our camera has decided to die in the arse. Which means I can’t download my photos to illustrate the last month.

It’s a pity because at the beginning of March Bob and I went to THE COOK ISLANDS for a couple of weeks.
We were here:

Thats Aitutaki.

We stayed on the main Island, Rarotonga, for most of the time but went to Aitutaki for a few days in between. It was the most beautiful place. The weather was amazing hot, humid but really comfortable. We slathered on sun-screen every 4 hours and only came back with light tans – which is fine by us. Poor Bob is Welsh so he burns really easily… and I don’t want to get melanomas.

We’ve also moved house. So we’re in Stanmore (again) and I have been catchin pubic [sic] transport everyday. It’s weird. It makes me feel nervous about bird flu, but at least my ipod is getting used. The bus ride is to short to read on – it’s just from one end of King St to the other. If I can get up early enough I’ll start walking to work. And if I sell my lowrider bicycle and buy a cruiser I’ll ride to work… on something like this:


This friday is a big night at 34b (burlesque club):

TIKI TABOO presented by Sugartime
at 34B Burlesque Club
34b Oxford St Darlinghurst

Headlining the night are my pals Belladonnas de Lux and Bob is making Tiki props for them too ^_^

I’m really looking forward to it.

I will try the camera again tonight to get some Cook Islands picture action…