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Go-Go Girl

Mission accomplished. I got the Cook Islands images off our camera so now i have to compile a little story!
But in the mean time I have a whole heap of other photos to show. Starting with a few shots by Lovely Gypsy, taken at Pia’s Pyjama Party a few weeks ago.

Caution lots of images ahead!

This is Tanya and me. She was a super-hero in Pjs and I was a 60’s babydoll. I really like how my hair turned out. I sectioned it, put part of it in a ponytail, then rolled all the sections in hot rollers and played with the curls to come up with an intricate 60’s Bunny-do! LOVE IT.

The boys in their PJs…

Lovely Gyspy and Anthony ^_^


Well Friday night was rather interesting. I got a call on Thursday from Pia, saying one of the acts had dropped out and she had managed to get Guitarist Rob to do a set of Surfin’ Guitar, and could I Go-go beside him for the act! It would be her, me, Netti and Tanya Go-Go’ing. I said sure why not!? With no costume, just a pretty frock and no rehearsal I was a little worried and when I got to 34B on Friday and Pia told me it would just be me and Netti on stage I was also a little freaked out. But once on stage I had a great time ^_^ It was hilarious and I hope to do something else soon!

Bob not only made Tiki props for the Belladonnas de Lux he was also a victim of their Hula Honeys act!

I don’t have any nice shots of me on stage, hopefully Ant will have taken one or two – and i will post later!

Bob and Lisa and Tanya the Hula Honeys

Bob gets turned into a Hula Girl!

Lisa the Savage wearing one of Bob’s tiki masks (Tangaroa)