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I’ve been incredibly sick. Last Sunday I contracted food poisoning from something I ate in the morning and by early afternoon I had unbelievable stomach cramps and by midnight I was so sick I had to be carried to the bathroom every half hour. It was so scary and horrible. I was in so much pain and everything was exiting at both ends. I kept telling Bob I was dying. I was so thirsty but nothing would stay down. I would: wake, go to the bathroom, pass out, repeat for 14 hours.
The next day my mum took me to the doctors and they gave me a shot so I could drink something, I was severely dehydrated. And it took me three days to start eating again. Even then I was uncontrollably shaking like I had Parkinson’s, I returned to work on Thursday and got sent home by lunchtime because I couldn’t stop shaking and falling asleep at my computer. Friday I went to work and shook only a little and in the afternoon I went to my friends wedding. Because come on ā€“ it’s her wedding, how often are you going to be honoured to witness such a special time in a friends life?

It was a Maritime (Marry-time) theme and everyone was encouraged to dress sailor style and everyone went to great lengths to do so ā€“ that’s what you get for having such creative friends. The ceremony took place on the rocks over looking Bronte and then everyone strolled over to the Surf Lifesavers Club (still at Bronte beach) for the reception. I stayed for one lemonade, started to shake and decided it was time to leave.

Poor Bob, throughout all this had a cold. He had to look after me, sleep on the lounge (while I was in the bed) and suffer through his snuffles plus he missed the wedding because he couldn’t get time off work.

We treated ourselves to an early afternoon movie on Saturday, Xmen 3. I love love love Xmen but I was really upset by this movie. They pulled a Joss Whedon and killed half of the good characters, Rogue disappointed me and became human and the mutant against mutant battle scenes were weak. *sigh*

I went to the markets on sunday and bought a few bakelite pieces that I’m going to turn into brooches. I had my xmas facial and eyebrow wax on saturday (gift certificate from my sister) and now I have nice 50’s brows. Pity I’m trying to grow my fringe.

I’m okay now. Still a bit tired and my stomach has shrunk but I’ve pulled my finger out of my butt and finished a few toy orders, jumpers for the dogs, designs for 2 websites, and ideas for t-shirts. Phew! Nothing like disappointment to bring out the doer in me.