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Harpy birthday to me for yesterday…

Ouch.. my head hurts. I drank copious amounts of delicious New Zealand gewürztraminer wine from Hawkes Bay and enormous piles of mouth watering Lebanese food. We went out to dinner for my birthday last night, to Emma’s on Liberty in Enmore. And the food was amazing, the company rocked and I broke out my best wines. YUM YUM YUMYUMMMM!!!

Now I am feeling rough.

What presents did I get I hear you ask?
Well from my parents I got Ski clothes (jacket and pants) so I can look super cool while I’m falling down the mountain!
A little succulent garden from my mum
Granny-cash from my Grandparents
A perspex anchor necklace and 2 green reproduction ‘bakelite’ bangles from Tan and Ant
Chocolate Mousse cake from work (mmmmmm)
A really cool card from my publishers a Harper Collins, they are such wonderful ladies
And one of my other publishers called up and sung me happy birthday!

And from Bob? NUFFIN! Thats because I’ve asked for a bakelite necklace. And we’re yet to find one I like thats in our price range. *sigh*
I would like something like this:

I made two really beautiful swallow badges on tuesday night, I had the idea on the way home from work and whipped them up that night. They need a bit of tweaking but I’ve started designing and making things to sell in a friends shop in Newtown. I just like doing things with my hands at the moment.