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Photo by Marinco Kojdanovski.

I like working with Marinco. I’ve done a few shoots with him, he gives really good direction and is a lot of fun ^_^
Thats a photo from last year, I’m starting to offer my poser-services to people at the moment because I’m sick of waiting to be asked plus I haven’t got any professional documentation of this year yet.

One week til my birthday. I like birthdays but I’m starting to feel like shrinking away from the increasing numbers accounting for my life, i.e. my age. I’m not OLD and I’m not particularly worried about “growing up” in a social way. I am currently saving for a house, have plans to spend the rest of my life with my current partner, don’t like partying and cannot stand being irresponsible. But for all my protests in the past I like being the youngest. The youngest in our bunch of friends, the youngest in the family. There is something sneaky about being the youngest, everyone looks after you and you are allowed to be cheeky. But now I have a niece and she is the youngest in my family and our bunch of friends have gotten larger and therefore younger people have come into the mix. And I guess I haven’t really been the youngest for a while. Does getting older mean I have to stop being cheeky? Thats my point.

At some point will my sense of humour stop being cheeky and teasing but still funny to the people who matter, and start being bitter and mutton.

I like being a “grown up”. But it’s my version of grown up. It’s what I’m comfortable with and I like my own way. No der.

Since roughly this time last year I’ve dropped 6kgs (I heart the GYM). I’m 175cm’s so my weight was in proportion to my height but it is weird. I can feel it in my clothes and my stomach is flat and I have less back-fat but my hips and legs were still meaty (for me). My skinny jeans were still TIGHT. But ever since we moved back to Stanmore and I started walking to work (2.5km each way) and making our lunches (and I guess that whole couple of days of vomiting) my skinny jeans have become quite baggy. The thighs and bum of my jeans are loose, and not in a “I’ve worn them every day and now they’ve stretched” way.

It’s all about getting old. My dog, Thorn, is getting old and I have to monitor his weight, so when he gets arthritis he’s not obese and makes his joints worse. It’s hard monitoring his food when you have a father like mine. He loves to spoil the dogs, giving them bones and biscuits. Last time I lived with my parents he used to feed Thorn raspberry jam sandwiches. Thorny was fat as a barrell! As soon as we moved out he started loosing weight.

So thats me. Get in shape. Stay in shape. Start early and don’t try to shut the gate after the horse has bolted.

Project list:

Major Project
Vintage Allsorts website design

Projects I need to finish
MY website. I came up with a new design today!
Donut Bears (need more felt)
Mirror, mirror (book, not technically a project but it still requires time)

Projects I need to start
Tattoo tshirts
New tikiTiki website design

Projects I’m dying to start
Knit – Angora cap and bolero
Knit – Sailor cardigan (need to find the pattern first!)
I’m willing my hair to grow so i can change the style