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toot! toot!

I just recently joined knitting and now when I view my friends entries all I see is 1 million entries from Knitting! I got the cutest 50’s knitting pattern for an angora cap and bolero at Wentworth park antiques and collectables fair. Only it calls for Fuzzy Wuzzy angora/wool yarn and doesn’t give a ply… and Patons don’t make Fuzzy Wuzzy anymore! But it does say #10 needle on the Patons beehive gauge and I picked up two of those beautiful bakelite beehive shape gauges last week! Huzzah!

And look what I just won on ebay:

FOR 120 BUCKS!!!! AHahahahahahahahahahah!!!!
I finally posess a pigtail girl and I didn’t have to swallow my pride and pay more than $150! TOOT TOOT!!!

Holy crap it’s raining cats and dogs outside. And there was a huge crash of thunder a couple of minutes ago 😮

I will try and round up the dogs tonight and take a photo of them in the jumpers I knitted for them and post it here. I really wanted to take an arty shot of them in the front garden, all lovely and picture perfect – but thats so not them. And it’s been freezing and raining and grey for a few days so I haven’t been able to/felt like it.