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I got my hair cut yesterday. I’ve gotten rid of the 50’s U fringe and am trying to turn it upside to make it a 60’s fringe, it has to grow a little more so it was cut straight and I got short bits and layers cut into the sides.

I’ve just managed to wrangle the dogs with the help of my sister, Ursula. So behind the cut are a few pictures of my latest craft projects.

The Gryffindor Dogs. I knitted matching jumpers for my dog, Thorn (left) and my sisters dog, Logan (right). They’re red and gold (yellow) which are the colours of Gryffindor house from Harry Potter. Yes, I am a nerd.
I embroidered Gryffindor across the back of each jumper.
The Palais Cap – It’s SO popular overseas!
I found this in a 1950’s pattern book I bought at the markets.
MY palais cap.
I’m also wearing one of the other crafty things I’m working on. My bluebird badge. Look for them in stores soon!
  • The cap is so pretty! I just started collecting some vintage patterns, but haven’t made any of them just yet.
    I saw you posted in about fuzzier yarns. I’ve used Patons Divine in the light pink (Chantilly Rose) for a hat, in combination with a strand of wool, and it was the perfect amount of fuzz.

    P.S. I love your hair!

  • love it all!
    you have great hair (love the colour especially) and are a knitting master!

  • yes praise me!
    Muahahah!! ^_^

    I’m just a little worried about when I wash my hair and lose the salon straighten and it goes to natural curly-wurly.

    Where did you get your hair cut?

  • whooo! I really like the fuzziness of that yarn! thanks for the link.

  • haha

    hah once my hair is washed after a cut then thats it! i can never get it like the hairdresser did.

    i got my hair done in wollongong!

  • yeah, its a bum.
    HEY! check out the Australian INfront news. I think Justin Fox is on drugs, or has a month lag.
    “Jul 02, 2006

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN!!!. Keep on rockin’ girl.

    Posted By: Justin Fox”


  • yeah i saw that this morning! a guy at work told me about it hehehe

  • Anonymous

    best pic i’ve ever seen of you!