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almost like being in jazz

It’s ‘Jazz Day’ at work today. Thats when I turn itunes on to play only the jazz in our collection and the whole studio just mellows out. Very cool. Lots of Herbie Hancock, Nat King Cole, Charlie Parker, Nina Simone, Julie London…
Need the mellow today. Need the mellow everyday lately.

I have a list as long as my arm of things to do. And I’m a little freaked out.
I have to finish Pia’s website Vintage Allsorts. She just got her cards from the printer, that i designed, can’t wait to see them! I photographed a heap of her dresses for the website and used the fabric from her most favourite dress for one side of her business cards.

The 50s fair is this Sunday at Rose Seilder House. And I’m doing a few performances for it (under the banner of Vintage Allsorts) in the most AMAZING dresses you’ve ever seen. Hand beaded 50s couture and a ball gown designed by Norman Hartnell (he designed Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation and wedding gowns). The Historic Houses Trust website describes it as ‘street theatre’. Personally i HATE that term, as it reminds me of high school (I went to a selective performing arts high school) and an entire term we spent being complete wankers doing ‘street theatre’ – what shit times. So when I did a photo shoot last sunday for publicity I specifically told the photographer to not use that term and put me down as just ‘a performer’. I can’t wait to shop either! I’ve saved up all my little pennies and as performers we get to browse the stalls earlier than anyone!

I’m also making my burlesque debut on 10 September as a cameo performer with the Belladonnas de Lux then I’ll be doing another couple of acts (including a solo) sometime in october! Whoo hoo. I’m currently looking for a trench coat (Helen, so if on your vinnies shopping you find one and it’s under 20 bucks can you buy it and I’ll pay you back!?) and a new corset/cincher that slightly covers the boobs but doesn’t have cups or straps and is long enough to match up with the tops of my knickers.
Better get back to the gym! I don’t want to wobble too much :/

There is just so much to do. I wish I could win the lotto and then quit my job and spend my days making craft things and doing little jobs here and there. That would tops if you could arrange that. Thanks.

We went to Pub Trivia last night, me , Bob, my Mum and Dad. We did pretty well but there were a few things I was slapping myself over afterwards. The team that won was HUGE so the more people they had the broader the knowledge. We came 4th. But I managed to win 2 bonus rounds and was chuffed I got the movie and celebrity questions right ^_^
I love trivia and board games! I love the Movie Show board game. We got it for xmas last year and no one will play it with me and my sister anymore. Because we always win, but my sister makes rude noises when people don’t know the answers on questions she thinks are easy. Arrogant? Who us? NEVER!

Skiing was tops btw, thanks for asking. I have photos. Will post later.

****EDIT. I just found a trench coat on ebay (why didn’t I look before?!)

just bid on it now – Yay!