Me, Keith Weesner, The Lovely Gyspy.

Image courtesy of The Lovely Gypsy.

  • geez i bet he hated posing for that photo 😉

  • I know! He’s totally “geez, these australian chicks are slappers!” ^_^

    But look how cute and short he is!

  • haha was he standing up?!
    i thought maybe he was leaning on a table or something

    (love your hair btw)

  • yup thats his full height Good Ol’ Pocket-Rocket-Weesner.

    (thanks, was particularly rocking that weekend)

  • You and Gypsy look fantastic in that photo!
    Was that from opening night or the artists signing?

  • Thanks ^_^
    It was at opening night.

  • You look so good!

  • Anonymous

    wow, don’t know who Keith Weesner is but is he cute 🙂

  • Keith Weesner is a lowbrow artist/hot rod guy… was out in Australia for an exhibition at Outré recently. ^_^