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Goldie McGold

We went to Melbourne last weekend (17-21 November) it was fun!
We drove down on Friday, arrived at Bob’s sisters house about 4pm, did a super fast get ready (with hot rollers, wiggle dress and false eyelashes) and caught the tram into the city to our friend Chris’s shop opening. Chris and his brother, Mick, run a magazine, shop and recording studio called Off The Hip and they have just opened their new shop on Flinders Lane.
We shopped all day Saturday. Nothing good except for a couple of Princess Tina brooches (Beci Orpin is one of my all-time favourite female designers). We had a big yummy Melbourne dinner with Bob’s sister, Emma and her partner, Andrew then jumped on a tram again into the city to hang out with Tito while he tended the bar at The Order of Melbourne and we enjoyed custom made cocktails all night free of charge… mmmm apple-y.
Sunday morning we got up bright and chirpy early to go to Camberwell markets… nothing… nothing… nothing… OH MY GOD! Is that a?! It is! It’s a pink lusterware DIANA lamp/clock with ribbon shade!! FOR 15 BUCKS!?!!!! Ahahahahahahahah!! I almost peed my pants. Diana only made a very few lamps and even fewer lamp/clocks (bed-side lamps that had clocks in the base) This one has the Diana logo on the face of the clock. It is so beautiful. The trip was worth it just for this jewel in my Diana crown. Yay I love being obsessed with Diana.
On Monday I was all business, I have recently picked up a couple of publishers based in Melbourne as clients (I design books and book covers for a living) so while I was down there I caught up with them, and it also meant work paid for our petrol ^_^
We drove back on Tuesday, taking our time to cruise.

Then two days later it was my work Xmas party, that i had been working very hard to organise. It was a lounge-The Sands-60s-Rat Pack theme. We held it in a great bar called Madame Fling Flongs. My friend Pia runs a company called Vintage Allsorts and she organised the entertainment, Grant Galea as Dean Martin.

Pia, Grant (aka Dean Martin) and Me in my finest gold 60s gown.
The bar is all red and gold so we got balloons to match, and of course Pia and I had to match as well!

These photos were taken by Garth/Bec from The Australian Centre for Photography, who are one of our clients. It was fun running around with balloons having my photo taken by professionals, I’m used to photo shoots just not impromptu ones at my work xmas party ^_^