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food glorious food

This year a baton has been passed to me.
My grandmother usually makes the xmas pudding, but I thought it was time I learnt how to. So my mum and I went to my grandma’s house and made the pudding a couple of weeks ago. It was very interesting I never knew such strange things went into it. We used sourdough breadcrumbs and all these amazing smelling spices.
It’s now hanging in a pudding cloth in our hall, waiting for xmas day for me to devour it. I’m going to make my own custard as well (not with custard powder!) i love making custard. And I will make hard sauce as well which was my Nana’s specialty when she was around.
Apparently, the ‘in’ food for canapés at corporate xmas parties (CXP) in 2006 is polenta! It’s been served as finger sized cakes with toppings at every CXP I’ve been to so far, including my own. This week I have two CXPs to go to, one is work related and the other I’m helping out at Outre and that will bring my grand total to 7 CXPs this year.

On a side note, I fell down the stairs at home this morning and have a rub-burn on my right wrist from trying to grip the banister as I kept slipping down the stairs, and a sore left elbow as I tried to break my fall and a HUGE bruise across my lower back as I landed heavily on the edge of the stair. OUCH!

Back to xmas. We are decorating the house with this year’s theme of ‘Australian Flora and Fauna’ with large bunches of glum leaves tied with tinsel, crepe native flowers and vintage souvenir tea-towels with kangaroos and all that silly stuff on them! So funny.

In October I made my burlesque debut. I performed with the Belladonnas de Lux, as well as in my own duo and as a solo. It was pretty nerve-racking and the best part of it was making the costumes! But my Duo has just been invited to perform in the next Sugartime extravaganza Absinth Club, so now we have to write a bio and do a photoshoot together to give them for publicity. Hooray. For some reason I write a great bio. I must just like talking about people. But i’m more interested in the photoshoot, we can’t give away the punchline of our act in the photos – which I ain’t gonna do now – but since the Absinth Club is all about dark, moody, city of lost children-esque I think the photoshoot will be great anyway. Dark make-up and finger waves me thinks with one of my new hats with BIG black feathers. Lovely.