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merry f'ing poomas

Officially the poop-est xmas yet.

Grandpa in hospital.
Everyone stressed and edgy.
Hardly any presents. My parents stopped giving presents a couple of years ago and this year Bob and I kinda decided to save our money for our house deposit – now I’m kicking myself. Me wanty tha presents! 🙁

At least the food was good, the pudding was ace and the custard worked the second time (eep the first time my sister helped me make what looked like scrambled eggs!) and the turkey was HUGE!

I presents got:
New Moon by Stephanie Meyer (Book, sequel to Twilight. I’ve already finished it! I had to stop myself from finishing it yesterday afternoon)
Fafi bag (the BEST present this year! from my sister)
Book voucher (already spent, on Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and Pretty Things history of American Burlesque queens)
uumm… thats about it.

It’s Bob’s birthday this week Hooray!
And I am on holidays until 8 January, phhew.

Have been doing a bit of rearranging of our apartment lately, the pigeon holes are looking good and you can actually get to the window sill, complete with foot high plastic Moai. I lined up a few of Bob’s tiki mugs along the sill next to the Moai but had to put most of them back as I was too scared they’d get knocked off and since they take years to collect (unlike some of his mate in the US where they pick up 10 a weekend at garage sales *shakes fist*) I decided it was best just put the Accoutrements mugs as you can still get your hands on them.