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I got hit by a bike last night.
A bicycle – bike, not a motorbike. It still hurt though.

Bob and I were strolling home from Enmore after getting our dinner, leisurely walking across a suburban street (no cars or traffic.. it’s a very quite street) when I heard something and looked left, Bob said “watch out!” and I saw a guy on a bike speeding towards me trying to predict which way to go around me, so i stopped walking figuring he’d pick a side and avoid me. Instead he decided not to pick a side, kept going straight and ploughed right into me.
It was very strange, it happened in slow-mo and really fast at the same time! We both ended up on the ground, my right side is pretty badly grazed – from my toes and top on my foot all the way up to my knee and my right palm has a large chunk taken out of it. While my left side is really badly bruised (where the bike hit). And today I am very stiff, sore and can’t sit properly on my chair as my hip, lower back and bum are so bruised I have to hunch forward… argh!
Still it could have been worse, and thank goodness it wasn’t. The bike rider was ok, his hands were grazed and his bike survived. Huzzah.

Monday night rocked my socks. It was the 2nd show of the Absinth Club, Sydney. There was a smaller crowd this time but still quite large, which made the night a lot more comfortable. Plus the mezzanine level of the Gaelic Club was converted into the performers green room. So on one side we got changed and ready and on the other, the balcony side, we got to watch the entire show and cheer! It was so fantastic. Everyone was very relaxed and in a great mood and I think the audience benefited from that.

I’m sad it’s over. 🙁
But we were very well received and Sugartime loved us so here’s to next time! YAY.

We are going to see Meow Meow at the studio tomorrow night. It’s my valentines gift from Bob. I told him he had to think of something to get me this year, instead of me telling him what I wanted. So thats what I got – excellent! He said it was either that or all the yarn I needed for a jumper I’ve been talking about knitting. He’s so good.

So I had to do something for him! I bought him a great book called “Tattooed Portraits” by Shawn Barber, a cute card and a box of Lint super-dark chocolates. I wrapped each gift individually and poured glitter, little hearts and sequins in each package and sent them to him at his work. hehehe when he opened them glitter exploded everywhere! YAYAYAY! So now when he’s lonely at work he can look down at his sparkly carpet and think of me ^_^