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Dreamy skies.

My iPod selected a really beautiful set of music for me this morning, ending with “That’s why I ride” Wayne Hancock. So walking and bus-ing to work on this crisp, clear March morning was a very calming experience.

The weather has definitely got a bit cooler in the mornings and evenings, but catching the bits of sunlight as you walk along is so warm you can tell the day is going to be a hot one.

I have been so sad lately but there is something about this weather that warms my cockles and reminds me of something very old and familiar.

We (Me, Bob, Tanya & Ant) saw Dale Watson at the Bridge Hotel a couple of weeks ago. He played Friday and Saturday nights, we went Friday and thought we’d see people we hadn’t seen in years, instead we saw people we’d never seen in our lives. A completely different generation of country/rockabilly people like the people before us, before them! If that makes any sense.
It didn’t stop us from having fun though. We had a few dances and a few laughs and enjoyed the 2.5-non-stop-hour show. Clapped loudly when he came back on for an encore and felt very tired and worn out by the time he’d finished it 1 hour encore! Damn you country people! Don’t you know we’re old and out of gig-shape?
Having said that listening to Dale’s velvet voice was amazing.

Last Thursday was the opening night for the Notorious Bettie Page movie in Sydney. To celebrate the Chauvel cinema in Paddington hired Tanya to organise Bettie Page inspired burlesque installations throughout the foyer and mezzanine.
So Lisa & Nettie were leisure-ware models with photographer Pia (Bunny Yeager) on the small stage, Miss Kaspia was in the peep-show box and up on the mezzanine Tanya had set up a lounge room with floor lamps, lounge, throw pillows, books, coffee tables and a few metres of cotton rope. It was here that Tanya and I did the soft-bondage-bettie with Russall as our director/photographer/super8-operator.

It was hilariously funny! At first Tanya couldn’t stop laughing but I managed to spank her enough that she stopped giggling. There were a couple of official photographers and a bunch of street-press and other photographers as we posed for photos real and set-up I really threw myself into it, balancing on the back of the lounge with my legs in the air, so much so that i threw my back and neck out! I’m still waiting to see some of the official pictures but I think they should come out alright, so hopefully the following of days of pain were worth it.

What a night.