Curvy4 spreads

I took photos of the Curvy book – Looky!


First double page spread

Second double page spread (including images from the Nest ‘Design for Habitat’ project)


  • Nice work!

    However, I am pleased to think that soon I shall have left the world of print behind for good!

  • can we get a close up picture of the writing in your page??

    good stuff 🙂

  • Noo!! Not leaving print?!
    You will miss it in all it’s “CMYK orange = poo” glory!

  • Hrm.. I will have to scan it in – the photo is blurring on the text ^_^

  • Neither that nor the “there’s a misspelling on page two of the 100 page document. The entire lot will have to be reprinted, and it’s all your fault.”

    That’s what I like about the web. Just upload a new page, and tell the client that it was a problem with their cache in the first page.