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I got my car back on Wednesday and it looks perfect. I’m so happy to have it back! I love my little zippy car. It’s just like brand new.

I spent this weekend shopping for work clothes. Which isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I’ve decided to try and dress a little more smartly at work as lately I’ve been super ‘lax and just wearing t-shirts and jeans and I’m starting to feel like a lazy dag. But it’s so hard to sit in front of a computer all day in nice clothes and not feel crumpled at the end of the day!

I bought:
tailored pinstripe pants – CUE
2 long sleeve cotton tops (1 white, 1 black) – Cotton On
Black and white striped jumper – Charlie Brown
60s style grey A-line baby doll dress – Mossman
Little fitted jacket with BIG buttons- Mossman
Pink knit top with puffy sleeves
60s style woolen dress with peter-pan collar
And a bunch of socks and knickers from Target!

PLUS I got the last 2 cans of Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Makeup in “Beach Shade” from Target. That line has been discontinued which is a bumhole because it’s the BEST body makeup I’ve found. Pia and I use it for burlesque (we call it spray-on-skin) and it’s also really good if you’re wearing a strapless dress or plunging neckline. Lot’s of the other burlesque girls use Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Sun – spray on tan for their body makeup but Pia and I are rockin’ the mighty-whitey and don’t want a tan.

Bob kept telling me work clothes have to be different from everyday clothes and I had to look at things I wouldn’t necessarily pick up. It was so hard! hehehe. I’ve tried to wear vintage clothes to work everyday but I feel so crumpled and restricted in the end it’s just not worth it. I’ve rather wear my pretty vintage on my own time.

I’ve become obessesed with late 50s/early 60s A-line playtops and suits. I’ve collected a few – I’ve had to alter most of them in the arm pits and put zippers in. I guess because play-tops were for teenages/early 20s.

We went to the big Rockabilly Riot gig at Bar Broadway on Friday night. I wore a 50s strapless cocktail dress that has been passed from Lisa to Clare to me. 3 girls who are SO different in shape and size and it fits us all! The poor dress is falling apart though – I had a dance with Anthony and part of the trimming came off! I also wore a petticoat I’ve never danced in, it’s got rope trimming for extra twirling action. The twirling was so good everyone got to see my new Dita Von Teese stockings! Thank goodness I was wearing nice knickers.

Something has died, probably a mouse, underneath the floorboard of our loungeroom and it stinks! I’m presently sitting here with the hood of my jumper pulled around and tied over my mouth and nose. pee-eww!!