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Stank be gone!

Oh my goodess! My sisters dog, Logan just found the dead mouse that was stanking up the room!
I erroneously thought it was under the floor, but it was in plain view under the window!! It begin a brown mouse means it blended well with the old floorboards.
It’s hilarious how Logan found it though. She walked into the room, while I was sitting at the computer with a scarf over my mouth and nose and started sniffing about. I turned and said “Logan, find the mouse” and she walked over to the mouse, sniffed and then looked at me as if saying “erm, it’s right here doofus.” I tell you it was like looking at one of those 3D pictures, you stare along enough and you can see the hidden image! Ta-da – there was the rotting corpse of an impudent rodent.
It was funny I called Bob pointed to the area and said “Find the mouse.” He couldn’t until I’d pointed it out directly – no one could. Good camouflage eh?