hair meh

Hrm… silliness going on at vintagehair again. While I agree with the original complaint post, some of the ensuing posts have left my feathers ruffled. It’s to be expected, everyone has their own opinion and I haven’t chipped in and disagreed but I think I will here.

What is “vintage”? What should be the time frame?
A few posters are saying pre-1965 but a smaller number are saying pre-1960… WTF?!
Okay I agree, 70s & 80s = retro. They haven’t quite got the time between then and now, plus in my own opinion there was too much kitsch. Having said that at least the 70s attempted to be innovative and create new designs, how many decades since has truly done the same and not rehashed previous fashion? (90s & 00s I’m lookin’ at you.)

But after reading one comment that wrote off hair styles past 1965 because hair got messy and there were hippies… I say again WTF!?

That’s right, post-65 Jackie O let her hair go to shit, and Oops! She also stopped shaving her armpits… free love baby.

There was more to the late 60s than hippies. How about Mary Quant, Vidal Sassoon and Twiggy? Meh!

And since vintagehair is closed until further notice… I’ll have to do my own little hair post here.

This is what I looked like for the APA Book Design Awards, last week. Lea Ann from Toni&Guy Newtown did my ‘do. I usually do my own, but I needed a haircut, wanted to splurge and Lea Ann is into 60s hair like me so I thought “Why the hell not!?”.

My whole outfit was an original 60s beaded ‘shell’ top, pencil skirt, stockings and white heals.


I didn’t win btw. So I drowned my sorrows at the chocolate fountain ^_^

  • You look very nice! I like red hair and gold/yellow. I have been wearing a lot of that combination lately.

    I agree, that VH drama is out of control. I agree with the original post about not following the rules, and also that the community should be more about showcasing nice styles versus cam whoring. Some people just like to take drama to heart!

  • That is so cute!! I love how authentic it is!

    I agree that the drama is a little weird. I appreciate the earlier inspired looks and pretty much figured that it was all suppose to be pre-65. I never post my hair there because I have super short mod hair and had a feeling that it didn’t “fit”.

  • thanks ^_^
    I’ve been very shy of gold anything with my hair and complexion for ages – but since getting into the 60s style more I have a lot of my Mum’s gold jewelry and it seems to work!
    There’s always drama on the interweb. I’ve seen worse, but in the end it’s only a hair community.

  • yeah, I have a problem with that pre-65 thing. I think it should be pre-70 – because amongst others, Mod is an amazing vintage style and shouldn’t be excluded.