Happy Birthday to me…

I live in a tree,
I look like a monkey,
and I smell like one too….

OR something like that ;p

Canberra ticketing gave me a nice present – 6th row centre for Tori Amos in Sept.
Ticketmaster gave me not so good – Row H in the CIRCLE Wah! I thought it was in the stalls I was all excited and bought them and then realised I was a moron and I can’t get anything better in the presales so I will have to wait until monday general sales to try and get something better.

I wonder what I’ll get for Newcastle, I bought preferedseating.com.au tickets last week and it’s like a lottery from A reserve tix… hrmmm….

I am now 28.

  • Happy birthday!
    Welcome to 28, it is not too bad.
    You get used the slightly awkward feel eventually ;p

  • Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! WOW over the hill(hee hee!)

  • Happy Birthday!

  • maybe all this disorientation (biting my tongue, being super clumsy) is me getting old?
    Dear god! What am I going to do to myself when I turn 30!?!

    heheh ^_^

  • thank you! ^_^

  • Yeah well I got called an Old Hag my one of my publishers yesterday :/ It was just after she sung me happy birthday…

  • Fanks!

    i hope you had a lovely day yesterday 🙂

    (sorry i’m a day late)
    (i don’t even look at lj now during the week 🙁

    28 is a good age 🙂

  • Thank you!
    I hope your job is worth it – taking up all your valuable LJ posting time *tsk* ^_^