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Stranger than fiction

We rented the DVD of ‘Stranger than fiction’ on friday night. It stars Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson and it was one of the most beautiful movies I have seen in a long time.
I loved the idea of this movie, Will Ferrell is an unsuspecting character in Emma Thompson’s novel. The characters were beautiful, fleshed out and human. They had souls. And the art direction was so subtle, using modernist architecture and furnishings to accentuate scenes. Big long windows that echo books on shelves and also the feeling of a ‘god-like’ character being able look through them. The motion graphic pictograms that were imposed over the live action were seamless and added to the story – not hindered.
I was so moved by the film that I had little wells of tears in my eyes by the end of it.

I highly recommend it.

This long weekend we went house-hunting (nothing yet), ate lots, watched movies, Bob baught LEGO Star Wars II for playstation and we played that and taught my 2 year-old niece want noises Banther’s make and how to jump like a Jedi (so cute!), I got the new Anita Blake novel (#14 the Harlequin) on saturday night and finished it by sunday night, I made Hi-hat cupcakes!

These are the centres of chocolate covered Hi-hats – marshmellow, made from scratch…

After dipping the cupcakes in dark chocolate ^_^ YUM!