My Mum bought a bottle of Moët to celebrate our house purchase, but we had bought a bottle of the Cloudy Bay Champagne – a good drop, but hers was better! ^_^ So we drank the Moët and toasted the house and everything we could think of over family dinner. YUM!

We met the current owners of the our house yesterday and went through discussing what funiture they’ll leave. Thankfully they’re going to leave the Atomic bedroom suite, which I will have to take photos of because it’s amazing! Dressing table, matching bedside tables, head-board and wardrobes.

We watched ‘Ghost Rider’ and Bob came up with a better name for it: “Ghost Rider: Hell Toupee” Damn Nicolas Cage has bad hair pieces.

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    Hi Astred,
    Love your website.
    I’m a friend of Julia Edworthy. She came to visit this weekend and told me about your beautiful work and the purchase of a fabulous house complete with original furniture. It’s all so inspiring. I have just sent some ball knitting patterns to Megan and I’m looking forward to seeing the crafty bits here on your website when I come back to visit.
    Come and see my crochet whimsy
    Cheers to you