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My first Yen blog went up last week – yeh! Now all I have to do is write another one… each week… about something design-woman or burlesque related… eep!

Speaking of burelsque I had a job with Sugartime at a corporate gig last week. Pia and I were reunited as Coco de Mer (if you haven’t seen our act we’re siamese twins, with very elaborate costumes that are engineered to come apart in strange ways, while being joined together at the hip). We were roaming performers so didn’t have to get up on stage and strip. The gig was at ‘Home’ night club and was a party for all the Event planners and PR people in Sydney.
The green room was hilarious, I’ve never seen so many dirty drawings of willy’s and fisting before!! And they were all drawn by the famous people who performed at Home – like Peaches, the Chemical Bros and Arman Van somethingerrather… w00t.
Being siamese and trying the move elegantly through a thick crowd was pretty hard, but I had so much fun, both Pia and I were pretty sick – flu – so when one of us had to blow their nose, the other would hold up a fan. But in spite of my fluiness I was still on the ball and was (I feel) pretty witty – especially to some of the more sleazy, spazzo’s who’d try to chat up Pia not knowing we were conjoined and I’d have to tell ’em to bugger orf – but nicely of course!
Our photo turned up in the Sunday Social Pages, funny, but none of the other performers had their photos published – just party guests – which is sad because there were some great burle-Q ladies and gents there that night… not to mention the slimey Hire-a-Hunk dudes (supplied by another event company to be waiters for the night) although that was a small mercy.

2 weeks until settlement!

We’ve been cruising the furniture shops looking for a new couch and bed-base and looking out for nice bits of mid-century modern extra’s… I can’t wait to get everything out of storage, it’s going to be like Christmas. I think I’ll have to put a mass of stuff on ebay though… I don’t think I’ll have room for everything and we don’t have a lot of storage in the new house.
We’ve decided to paint the kitchen pistachio green and I want my dressing room to be pink! (yes I get a dressing room… if Bob gets to garage, I get a room with just clothes and pretty things in it ;p)
Can you believe that? We haven’t even got the keys and we’re already scheming and plotting the course of the house… man we are SO ready for our own home.

Now to make up for the above rants – behind the cut are a few photos from the Notorious Bettie Page burlesque premiere I performed at…

Me and Tanya (Tulsa from Belladonnas de Lux)

A bit of downtime…

A little help from the audience… poor Georgio learns his lesson from heckling the performers