Home owner

We bought a house – Yeh!
It’s a 3 bedroom, original 50s redbrick with a garage and it’s perfecto!

YAY mortgage doom – looks like it’s rice and beans for us ^_^

We get the keys sometime in August.

Harry Potter opens next week! I’m so excited, it’s gonna rock so hard. Bob and I will probably continue our HP tradition and stand in some god-awful line to see it on opening night. And then the next week the last book comes out, just warning – no one call me that weekend because I will be holed up devouring it. Yay nerd.

Dear Americans,
Please stop talking about your iPhones. I don’t want to know how great they are, or how well you can sync them to your Mac. I don’t care – actually I do. I’m unbelievably jealous and I want one NOW!!! Jebus, I want to sync my computer calendar and send emails and just generally relish being a Mac nerd.
Please make Steve Jobs release the iPhone in Australia very soon.

Thank you


  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! thats very exciting!
    mortgages aren’t that bad, you’ll get used to it pretty quick πŸ™‚
    would love to see a photo or two….sounds really good!!
    (what suburb??)

  • Congratulations! Welcome to the club πŸ™‚

    Tassie’s probably different to Sydney, but we worked out that with what we pay in rent and what we’ve been saving (for a deposit), we’ll be about the same. So no 2-minute noodles for us.

    We’re going to go to Devonport to see HP, because Devonport’s got a CMAX cinema. Big screen, big seats, etc. Bugger the local Village. I’m more excited about the final book, though. There’ll be big fights over that in this house.

    iPhones – I couldn’t give a shit.

  • Congrats on the house!!!

    I am sick of hearing about iphones also, I dont have one and i wont get one for a long time!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Yay congrats on the house! I can’t wiat to see the cool pictures!

    Yeah I’m sick of iphones too!

  • Beverly Hills! Swimmin’ pools… Movies stars… Roselands shoppin’ centre ^_^ hehehe

  • eh yeah, our mortgage is costing us 3 times what we paid in rent :/ But that’s cool.

    Whooo CMAX! That would be excellent!! I know I’m going to bawl my eyes out in the last book, and I get teary just watching the OOTP trailer… I not usually so emotional, it’s pretty embarrasing.

  • Yeah waiting for gen2 so they fix all the bugs is proabably a good way to go. ^_^

  • Thanks! I can’t wait to get stuck in on it!
    I will post photos of the bedroom suite as soon as I take them, the suite (dresser, bedside tables, wardrobe) is to die for and they’re giving it to us! wheee!!!