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Sunday silliness

Friday night was a blast. The Belladonnas de Lux had their night at 34b burlesque club and all of us like good cheerleaders, sat down the front and had a whale of a time screaming, cheering, laughing, wolf-whistling and generally encouraging all the performers.

Me and Gypsy

I went hard-core on the black eyeliner, liquid gold eyeshadow and lashes for a better 60s look. I was chuffed at the results.

Amongst the frivolities of friday night were the Luchadores…

Which were actually all the boys – Ant returned from Mexico bearing wrestler masks and gave them to a select group of lads on the condition that one day they will get a call and will need to show up in their masks. On friday, the call was put out. Funny stuff to see half a dozen blokes in masks just hanging out, drinking, being stage hands, whatever… hehehe

So, I know a lot of people have found their much-loved childhood cartoon shows on YouTube, I have resisted for a long time, because sure I loved the Carebears and Astroboy and She-ra and Strawberry-short-cake… but this afternoon I was singing to myself (as you do) and started to sing the theme song to Ulysses 31 and had a sudden urge to find it on YouTube. So now I share with you the totally Rock’n’Roll theme ‘toon for your enjoyment :