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Hidden treasure

I’ve taken two days off work, just to chill (ha ha!) and work on the house. My father and I dismantled the large nasty 80s wardrobe in the guest bedroom and found a strip of the original 50s Atomic carpet!! Check it out!

Unfortunately it’s only a strip of carpet, they must have been to lazy to move the wardrobe when they installed the new carpet and cut the old one away. Goody for us. I think we’ll get it edged and maybe have it as a front hall runner, it’s the right size! Huzzah!

Hello floorboards! We’ll be seeing you soon ^_^

This saturday past, we went to Rose Siedler House for the Outré Mid Century Modern cocktail party, to celebrate their latest art show. Keith Weesner was (once again) flown in for the show and was at the cocktail party. It was really nice to catch up with him and hear about his recent jetsetting. Pia of course took advantage of the fact we were all dolled up to the 9’s and at a great venue and used the opportunity to stage a photo shoot! And -oh my goodness- a professional photographer, Stephen Siewart, just happened to be there! Anyhoo, we all jumped on the bed and began posing our bums off. Then I decided we needed to make it more fun, so I grabbed Keith and threw him into the middle of the girls (much to his protest – yeah right!) then we had a revolving door of men posing in the middle of the girls.

Very funny… then I ripped my dress, just at the back seam of the arm… I didn’t really care at the time (must have been the champagne) but now I’m really upset and I took it to Deb today, thrusting it into her hands saying “I don’t care what you have to do Deb, just fix my dress, I know you can!” Boo hoo. I’m a dummy.

50s fair this Sunday. My dress is HOT, Deb is a freakin’ genius. I bought a dress from the UK but there wasn’t enough seam allowage to let it out in the bust, so she’s made a completely new bodice and it looks f’ing brilliant. I’m very pleased, photos to come after sunday.