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Strippin'… wallpaper that is.

We got the keys to our house last week! Whee!!

And this is what I did all weekend with Bob:

Stripped wallpaper!
We’ve finished the entire kitchen (including washing down the walls ready for paint) and the hall and all thats left to strip is the lounge and dinning rooms. Then it’s time to paint, then sand and stain floors then MOVE IN! wheeeee!!!!

We’ve got the Zen of Wallpaper steaming going on – we can take the whole sheet off in one piece -not bad huh? It means you can do this, with it:

Shhh! I’m being a chameleon and blending into the walls… hehe

Last Thursday Gypsy and I went to see The Shins at Enmore theatre, and it was a nice folky-rock concert. We sat in the dress circle and swayed and clapped it was very polite. They were great, excellent energy and made a few funny jokes. I am really glad I saw them…
But that means it’s TORI soon!! I’m going to Sydney #1 & #2, Canberra and Newcastle. And I have a different date for each show, nice.

I’ve been to a few op shops and markets lately and gotten a great haul and have been meaning to post some of my spoils. Below are a few things I picked up on a little trip to Sussex Inlet to stay at my uncle’s holiday hosue for the weekend:

Hawaii bag $2

1 of 2 50s frames (yucky picture, I’ll take that out) $3.50 for the pair

1 of 2 Outdoor-furniture pillows. Nice flowers! $3 each

1960s aqua meat slicer! $5 (it’ll look nice when it’s got a good cleaning.)