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I’ve had an exciting week and a half with 2 road-trips, 3 concerts, a bunch of collectables and a whole lotta Tori Amos.

And it ain’t over yet.

So, Tori Amos is in the country. I am only slightly obsessed – believe me there are people who’ve got it for her far worse than me! – and her live shows are pretty phenomenal so I got tickets for 4 shows, 2 x Sydney, 1 x Canberra and 1 x Newcastle.
Friday 14 Sept, was the first Sydney concert and Bob came with me. He’s not a fan but he’s a very good boyfriend and actually had a lot of fun watching the show and had lots of good things to say. Phew! I was really worried he’d not enjoy himself and I would feel like a bum-head for asking him to come with me. But he was fine with me bopping along and squealing when she played a couple of my favourites.

Sunday morning, I piled my sister in my car and drove to Canberra. Poor sister, I made her get up early so we could make it down in time for the meet & greet* We got there are around 2.00pm and at 3.30pm Tori came out!
My sister was my personal photographer hilariously documenting the whole M&G. I gave Tori a copy of the Curvy4 book (that Me and my project Nest are featured in) because as she’s part of my ‘strong women’ inspiration group I thought she might be interested in seeing what she inspires others to do. I was so suprised – she opened the book and went through the feature with me, asking questions about the art I had in there and seemed genuinely interested!! She asked if I was coming to any other shows and I told her I’d be at the Newcastle show with a burlesque friend and we’d bring our tassels with us and do a shimmy for her. She had a giggle at that.

Tori, Me and the Curvy book.

The concert was great, while Friday nights show was all about raw energy and rocking out Sunday nights was incredibly intense and quite moving.
After a few failed attempts at trying to get out of Canberra we finally left and drove home on Monday morning.

I am quite proud of myself for driving to and from Canberra all by myself – my sister can’t drive – as it was the first long distance drive I’ve done and fared quite well!

I spent Monday afternoon and evening making burlesque pasties with tassels for Tori’s character Santa. Who is the ‘sensual’ Doll in her ‘American Doll Posse’.

Tuesday morning Lisa and I drove up to Newcastle and did a bit of antique and collectable shopping. I got a pretty good haul! I got a Black Lady Lamp (no shade, Hawaiian girl holding a drum in one hand and an ash-tray in the other, no damage) for $200, a FULL set of square Diana ramekins in mint condition for $60 (i almost fell over in shock!), 2 great 50s hats, a black velvet souvenir pillow case, a couple of 60s tops and a ginger pot for Tanya. I made out like a bandit!
Then we moseyed on over to the theatre for the Meet & Greet at about 3pm and Tori came out at 4.30pm

Tori grinnin’ at Lisa

The first thing Tori said to me when she saw me was: “I read the book you gave me and I think what you’re doing with Nest and all those girls is amazing.” I was blown away! We chatted about the Nest for a bit and then I gave her the pasties which she had a good laugh about and her bodyguard almost peed himself laughing over. When I said good bye to her she stopped me and said “I’m so glad you’re here. Honestly.”

Our Sydney tickets were circle H 28-29, so we were centre in the dress circle – good view, saw the whole show and didn’t have to squint. Canberra we were stalls F26-27, getting warmer – centre pretty close. Newcastle our seats rocked the planet! B16-17, second row on the aisle! whee! We got so much eye-contact from Tori and I haven’t squeal that much since… well since ever. It was funny to see how differently I reacted to the show with my different dates. Lisa was a lot of fun to jump and down and go crazy with.

Newcastle = so close!


We drove back that night and now I have my last concert this coming Monday night, which is the last Sydney show and 3rd last Australian show – boo hoo. Bye bye Tori,

*Tori tries to come out before or after her afternoon sound check and meet her fans, sign stuff and generally get a feel for the type of audience she’s gonna perform to that night. The average number of people at the M&G’s is 30.