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It’s 10 weekends until Xmas and tools were put down at the house last week when I woke on Sunday morning to find I had put my neck out. Unlike my usual neck-pull it wasn’t an annoying pain I could deal with, it was a big screaming, can’t walk, shooting pain down my left arm, dear-god-it-hurts pain.
So it hurt, got that? ^_^

Anyhoo, 2 visits to the Osteopath plus a bunch of X-rays show that I am a mutant. I have cervical ribs. On which wikipedia says the following:
In some humans, the rib remnant of the 7th cervical vertebra on one or both sides is replaced by a free extra rib called a cervical rib, which can cause problems in the nerves going to the arm.

Damn straight. I have rib-nubs on my neck.

So I was in and out of work all week – I couldn’t sit at a computer for long without pain. And I couldn’t work on the house at all. PLUS I can’t drive, changing gears, checking blind-spots and so on hurt my neck and shoulder even now so I have to be chauffeured about, which is not as fun as it sounds.

This weekend I felt a lot better and we finally went back to the house and Bob finished painting the 2nd layer of base coat on the walls and I pulled out nails, carpet staples and hammered in broken staples all day – I tell you what – it’s hard work but enormously satisfying, like popping a pimple ^_^

I have so much going on, this is my list of things to do:

Finish house (remove carpets and carpet nails, sand/polish/stain floors, paint walls)
Bake and ice 125 cookies (for commissioned job)
Finish Vintage Allsorts website
Move into house before xmas and set it up so we can have xmas evening at ours.
PLUS a whole heap of things that are stressing me out belong belief.