Kaotic Kraft Kuties – the next kraft day

HOORAY! We’re organising another Sydney Kaotic Kraft Kuties day. This time (as you can see above) it’s Xmas card making. If you’re in Sydney and you wanna come along email info@gypsytaylor.com for more info. The more the merrier!


Don’t know what the KKK is?

We are a hot bunch of Aussie girls in Melbourne and Sydney who get together for a stitch n bitch when we can get organized.
This is our MANIFESTO:

* We believe in the modern folk revolution
* Scissors and champagne can mix
* Colours can never clash
* Tea cosies are not square
* Freeform craft is all about spirit not technique
* Chain stitch can be avant garde
* Little Edie is a style icon!


  • barsony lamp

    Hi I hope you dont mind my asking this as I just happened upon your journal….it is a question about barsony lamps. I have one that was an aunt’s and it is an ochre brown ballerina girl lamp. There is no name but a number on the bottom. Have you ever seen a brown barsony lamp?? I am curious about this item I have acquired. Thanks for any information your could provide as you seem to be a collector.

  • Re: barsony lamp

    Hiya! Barsony certainly did make brown glazed figures, as well as white luster – so (without seeing it) I’m pretty sure that’s what you’ve got.
    The ballerina’s are some of the most common ladies and I am not sure how popular the brown ballerina’s are but the lamps and figures certainly have increased in value over the last few years. So you have a nice collectable piece in your possesion.
    There is an interesting piece on ebay about Barsony, here that you may find helpful.

  • Barsony

    Thankyou ever so! I knew you would know! I love your journal by the way. I will ask to be added as a friend when I can get my act together and post in my own again.