My year (so far) in review…

This year has been pretty jam-packed so I thought I would write a list of some of the big things that happened (a million little things also happened but such is life ^_^)

My year in review (in semi-chronological order)
Grandpa died
2nd Niece was born (on the day of Grandpa’s funeral)
Performed in the Absinth Club
Was 1 of 6 featured female designers in Curvy book
Did a couple of burlesque performances (inc. Bettie Page premiere)
Finalist for Book Design Awards
Invited blogger for Yen
Turned 28
Bought a house
Renovated the house
Saw The Shins at the Enmore
Saw Tori Amos at Sydney Opera House x2, Canberra and Newcastle
Roadtrip x2 (including driving the whole way to Canberra as the only driver [longest I’ve ever driven])
Met Tori Amos x 2 and she read the Curvy book and was impressed with me
Became better friends with workmates
Joined facebook
Was in the press (newspaper, magazines, local papers) a bunch of times
Saw Eric Idle at the Sydney Opera House

This Saturday we move into the house and are having Xmas evening there, double eep!

  • you have done a lot!
    i feel like i’ve done eff all!

    btw i added you on facebook hehe

  • yeah this year has been full on..
    but hang on didn’t you get married this year? Or was it late last year?

    Here’s some of your list:
    changed jobs
    put a bun in the oven
    got married

    3 life changing events! ^_^

  • i got married last year…but it was almost this year. we had our 1 year anniversary yesterday!