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Disappointing 50s Fair

I think I’ve been going to the 50s Fair for too long. It was pretty disappointing on Sunday, I only bought three things after managing to pick up some amazing pieces in preceding weekend markets and swap meets.

I bought a set (2 pieces) of barkcloth curtains, yellow with green and grey image panels, 3 metres long, 2 metres wide from Rozelle markets the other week. They are sensational and fit my lounge room windows (that are HUGE) perfectly. I was so excited to get them – for a bargin! Whee!

I’ve been taking Knuckles to the markets a lot lately, our dog trainer says we need to socialise her with lots and lots of people, in loud and confusing situations so she gets used to crowds and people and random strangers so she doesn’t turn into an aggressive dog (lots of little yappy dogs are aggressive because they weren’t socialised properly, apparently).

I dressed up nice to go to the 50s Fair and usually get stopped every 5 seconds for a photo, but this year people decided to only photograph me while I was stuffing my face with food :/ Having a coffee, eating salad, piggin’ out on delicious chocolate ice cream – all at different times in the day, I would look around and someone would be aiming a camera at me. So I would slowly turn my back on them. Hey! I’m dressed up I get it = photo op. But honestly do you REALLY want a photo of some redhead shoveling food into her gob whilst trying not to mess the lipstick? Attractive.

So I took some photos with Knuckles when I got home.