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We added to our family last week:

This is Knuckles.

She is a 12 week old american bull dog X british bull dog and she’s a little sprite. She’s taken to toilet training so well (no indoor accidents) and we go to puppy preschool every week. She’s giving our 15 year old dog Thorn a run for his money.
He is so old now and has such bad arthritis he can barely walk it’s hard for him to wrestle with her. But he still tries! And he’s keeping her in line too, reminding her of her place in the pack. Which is exactly what I wanted (so she doesn’t think she’s the boss of us all).

But I’m getting worried. Thorn is so old and is in obvious pain all the time, the vet had ‘the talk’ with us las time we took him in. About how there many not be a ‘a thing’ (i.e. cancer, kidney failure) he may just get so old that the only thing to do is euthanise. I’ve had him since I was 14, I would miss him and I can’t face the decision to end his life.

But enough of that… here are more photos of Knuckles!!

Knuckles and Thorn