catch up

So as usual, if you don’t post often a LOT happens between updates.
Such is the case in my life.

At the beginning of October, my 15 year old dog -Thorn – went to doggie heaven.
It was an assisted passing as he just kept holding on and his quality of life kept dropping (severe arthritis, slight dementia, occasional incontinence) and we felt it was mean to leave him in such pain.
It was breaking my heart to see the puppy that I’d bought with all my savings at age 14 become so old. He was my constant companion for half my life, through school exams, boyfriends, houses, travels and hair colours (I used to match the white patch on his head with the hair colour I had at the time). He will be missed.

Knuckles is now six months old (she missed Thorn when he left, but I think she’s okay now) and was desexed on Friday, so she is enjoying all the mollycoddling that comes to an injured dog. Such delights include being allowed to sleep in our bedroom (dogs are put outside in the evening) and constant tummy rubs (she thinks we’re being nice, but our ulterior motive to is keep an eye on her wound).

We journeyed to Melbourne the other week to attend Bob’s younger sister’s wedding. Location in the Yarra Valley (the wine region just outside of Melbourne) it was a picturesque ceremony with a killer entrance – the bride arrived by helicopter!

Emma arriving.

Just outside the chapel.

Emma looked amazing and the chapel was rustic, simple and wonderful.

Oh yeah, and I scrubbed up not to shabby also…

50s chiffon dress bought on ebay, tailored to fit me, with aurora crystal jewellry.

I also tracked down a beautician who could give me a 1930s style manicure (clear half moons)… the result:


And of course Bob matched.

Now we are getting the gears turning for Christmas, as this year we are again having it at our house. Although different to last year, which was a buffet in the afternoon, this event will be the complete sit-down-lunch-shebang. Attendants are from both mine and Bob’s family, numbering 16. Which is not as many as it could be as my brother, Leefe and his wife and daughters are currently living in Japan and the newly weds are spending this year with the in-laws in Melbourne, which would have pushed the guest list to 22.

And I only own 8 dinning chairs.

I am currently waiting for my mother to arrive so we can beetle off to the markets before tackling the task of the blessed Xmas Pudding (yes, it’s that important it warrants capitals).

  • I’m sorry to hear about Thorn. (((hugs))) He was so handsome.

    You look stunning in that red dress!

  • Thank you. He had a very good life ^_^

  • you look amazing!!! Seriously, I am a gobsmacked by the detail of the finger nails and the flowers in the hair and the buttons/brooches on the shoulder of the dress – stunning!!!!

    And yes, very sorry to read about your dog. I know too well the heartbreak of losing long time companions, nothing really compares to their unconditional love, however it appeared he had quite a wonderful life and he was well loved, and thats the best way to honour a pet, hey?

  • Thanks ^_^
    the outfit was thought long and hard about and in the end I had a tiny amount of time to get ready on the day argh! hehe

    Yes, a good life was had by Thorn. And now his ashes are being buried under the cherry blossom we bought especially.

  • Beloved Pet losses are difficult and painful.

    Glad to know someone else plans an outfit to the nth degree!
    Is the inner west you speak of , the inner west of Sydney?
    Don’t suppose you would like to divulge your manicurist?
    Ta so much

  • Yes inner-west Sydney, but unfortunately I got my nails done in Northcote, Melbourne.
    So I am in the same boat as you – desperate to find someone in Sydney who can replicate the manicure! ^_^

    Although the woman who did my nails suggested I go to one of those manicure salons that offer airbrushing, because with a few reference photos they’ll be able to do them no problems.

  • What a clever idea!
    You would get a really crisp line with this method. Share your success stories and I will mine. Thankyou!