Freelance Book Designer

Experiment week

I am experimenting with various things this week.
The first is Netflix. Considering I hire movies every weekend without fail and the only video store near our new home is bloody blockbuster (expensive and poopy selection … aah inner-west how you spoilt me with your cult, weird and interesting selection) I thought I may as well take advantage of a free trial and see how we go!

The second thing I am experimenting is this gorgeous Diana F+ lomo camera.

I bought medium format film for it while I was in the city (not as pricey as I thought) and have already had a play with it whilst on my afternoon walk with Knuckles. Fun! I can’t wait to get back in to photography, although it’s not real photography it’s point-kinda aim-shoot-cross fingers-photography ^_^

The third thing is lino-cut printing.
I REALLLLLY want a Gocco kit (Japanese screen printing kit, very cute) but since they don’t grow on trees and are quite limited in what they can do, i am playing around with drawing and making lino prints. My memories of lino-cutting are limited to the injuries I sustained, rather than the work I produced. Large chunks of my fingers were removed when misplaced force caused the cutting implement to embed itself in my flesh – whoops!

But maybe I’ll get better at it this time, hopefully I will quickly as I would like to make a print for our Xmas cards.