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My first linocutting experiment

So I tried my first linocut project. Just something simple, mid-century modern inspired shapes for our Xmas cards.

I sketched the design up on illustrator and printed out the two stencils and transfered them to the lino.

I set up in the kitchen to cut, as I have no desk space available in the studio (paperwork and crap and printer on the painting table) and our dining table is a magnificent Parker rosewood table and I would kill myself if I dug a linocutting tool into it.

So cutting is the easy bit.

After MANY trials with different ways to transfer paint on to the lino stamp, I ended up just painting it on and then once face down on the paper, rollering it.

The outcome wasn’t perfect but I like the organic handmade feel. It suits this purpose but I will have to experiment more if I want to make prints to hang in the house.

(That Gocco kit is looking more and more like a New Years treat ^_^)