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See there is a theme running here? Because, according to my iPhone iWedding app there is 5 months and 23 days until my wedding. Scary.

We got Bob’s suit at a tiny little tailor in Burwood that specialises in 50s and 60s cut suits (single-breast, 2-3 buttons, straight-leg pants) and he got the most amazing outfit in Italian Wool. It’s very smart but not got “wedding” written all over it, which is exactly what he was after. He looks so dashing in it, I was quite taken.

My bridesmaids (Pia, Tanya and my sister, Ursula) and I went to the Love Vintage clothing fair last Friday evening and even though we didn’t find anything for them wedding-wise (thankfully we’d purchased the last two dresses during the week on etsy and ebay) we all spent a large chunk of change on many pretty, ‘necessary’ things. Honest! I needed a bolt of 50s barkcloth fabric and a new little sun hat!

Rather than wallow on money spent, I prefer to look at it as bolstering the economy of small businesses and dealers, if they are not supported who will clothe me and supply me with weird curios to display on my shelves and gather dust?

Things I bought were:

  • Black and white check late 50s ‘sailor’ dress with amazingly fitting bodice and circle skirt
  • Bolt (not sure how many metres but there is a lot of it) of 50s barkcloth fabric, it’s green with atomic bursts of illustrative flowers
  • 50s triangle straw sun hat with little shells sewn on
  • Telephone cord (spiral) handbag (small black one)
  • Two sheer box-cut early 60s tops, to wear with cigarette pants
  • ‘little ladies of the world’ illustrated shirt with cute little eskimos, hula girls and such
  • Vintage Avanti Hawaiian sarong skirt

I returned to the fair on Sunday with my mum to find her a ‘mother-of-the-bride’ hat. After many try-on’s and belly laughs, we found _THE HAT_ at Coco Repose’s stall, which is fabulous because I bought my wedding hat (head piece/topper) from them as well! It is a gorgeous classical late 50s black straw hat and I am so glad we found it. I was worried all we would be able to find were frumpy box hats or felted monstrosities.