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Trapped in time

Forget mosquito’s trapped in amber, when we were trolling through cook books for our registery in Kinokunia yesterday I discovered a mosquito trapped (and pressed flat) under the lamination on a book cover:

mosquito trapped on bookcover
close up of book cover
Poor old Karen Martini (the cook) has a little something on her face and unforunately my blurry iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice.

I was really amused by this as it’s a weird fault in the printing process that I’ve never seen before – lamination (or celloglaze) is the last step in the printing process and adds a protective layer to the paper and ink, and it basically works the same way you used to use contact to cover your school books.

This morning we drove out past civilisation into the (almost) country to meet up with Bob’s mate, who is a flower farmer, to talk about flowers for the wedding. I put together a moodboard for him and he advised me a couple of flowers I want may not be in season (so help me pray for warm weather in early October!) but he suggested a few other flowers that look equally awesome and gave me a lot of faith that he got the aesthetic that I was after. Phew!
I am so comfortable with his expertise that I am planning just to leave it and call him closer to the wedding and say “whatdaya got?” – I am glad I can be easy over a few things.
my wedding book and moodboard
This is my trusty wedding note book (Beci Orpin’s ‘folklore’ book, a gift from my sister) I write everything in it! Anything anyone says to me re: wedding goes it in.
Underneath is part of my flower moodboard – sitting on the porch enjoying the sun and crisp air…

Other then that this week has been incredibly trying (on the wedding front) and I was basically in a catatonic state for half of it, thank god Bob took the reigns and helped sort a lot of things out. He’s a champion.